How to install Cloudflare Warp on Arch Linux

Pranav K published on
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I haven't seen any guide to set up Cloudflare Warp in Arch that worked so here you go Let's install and set up Cloudflare Warp in Arch.


I'm guessing that your system probably has an AUR helper like yay installed or have chaotic-aur in your pacman.

So first were gonna install cloudflare-warp-bin using the command :

$ yay -S cloudflare-warp-bin

This should install the package without any errors if there's any try googling to find'em out 😉.

If you have chaotic-aur set up use

$sudo pacman -S cloudflare-warp-bin.


So you've installed it now let's see if it works by typing

$ warp-cli connect

if there's any error similar to this

Unable to connect to CloudflareWARP daemon. Maybe the daemon is not running, or is connected to another process?

This means that warp was installed, but the service wasn't started so lets start the service and also add this to start on boot. I'm probably guessing you're using systemd as the init system, so the following step is for systemd users.

1. First let's start the service using the command

$ sudo systemctl start warp-svc

This will start the CloudflareWARP daemon. Now you can use the following command in order to use Warp for now.

$ warp-cli register

To register with the WARP API, replacing any existing registration (Must be run before first connection!)

$ warp-cli connect

To connect to WARP (Connection progress can be monitored with -l)

2. Now we have to add warp-svc or CloudflareWARP daemon to start with boot for that we will use the following command

$ sudo systemctl enable warp-svc

This will add warp-svc to run at boot.


For any issues that may occur with this package submit a ticket using

$ sudo warp-diag

$ sudo warp-diag feedback